NFL Competition Committee issues recommendations for revamped catch rule

By Jesse Reed

The NFL Competition Committee has been working this offseason to come up with ways to improve the league’s ridiculous catch rule. As it is currently constructed, nobody really has a clue what will ultimately be considered a catch (more on that here).

On Wednesday, the Competition Committee released its recommendations to help fix this situation heading into the 2018 NFL season.

Now, there’s still some ambiguity there, specifically on that final note about what a “football move” constitutes. “Or the ability to perform such an act” is something that seems like it could end up being highly subjective.

That said, this eliminates the whole “surviving the ground” nonsense that has plagued the league in recent years.

The NFL’s owners will vote on whether to implement this new language next week when they all gather for the Annual Meeting. Based on how some owners have been so adamantly against the rule as it’s currently constructed, we’d be shocked if they didn’t vote to pass this new interpretation.