NFC scout on Jared Goff: ‘He’s another Jay Cutler’

By Rachel Wold

Many mock drafts are projecting California’s quarterback Jared Goff to be selected within the top 10 of the 2016 NFL Draft.

After observing Goff at his Senior Bowl, a scout for the NFC shared his evaluation on the California product, per Mark Eckel of

“I’m just not crazy about him, not at all. He doesn’t win. Show me a quarterback who didn’t win in college, that did well up here? There aren’t many. To me he’s another Jay Cutler. And you can take that any way you want.”

We can ascertain that the scout isn’t a big fan of Cutler. The scout also hopes that Goff will fall off the board early so that other more enticing options are left available.

“I hope somebody takes him early, ahead of us. That would be great, drop a good player to us.”

This could also be strategy talking coming from an NFC team that really has an interest in Goff. Currently, nine NFC teams possess picks within the first 16 of the NFL Draft.

Three NFC teams that could realistically target Goff within the first 16 picks are the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and Los Angeles Rams. Said scout could also be trying to sour the Cleveland Browns who pick second, against Goff.

When it comes to Goff’s three-year collegiate win/loss record, mentioned by the scout, the quarterback is 13-23, per Eckel. Goff completed an average of 62.3 percent of his passes for a total of 12,195 yards, 96 touchdowns and 30 interceptions during this time.

Regarding Cutler, drafted 11th overall by the Denver Broncos in 2006, he sports a 67-67 win/loss record. Cutler has also completed an average of 62 percent of his passes, which is similar to Goff’s pass completion rate.

Moving back to Goff, another NFC scout is reportedly worried about his hand size and ability to play in poor weather conditions.

“The hand size really scares me. Did you see him play in bad conditions? He couldn’t throw a wet ball at all. He was terrible in the rain. He has some talent, for sure. He has a decent arm, can move a little. But he’s not always accurate. I’d be real leery about taking him real high.”

This could also be another ploy by an NFC team hoping to scare other teams off of Goff’s trail.

Beyond Goff, the top quarterback prospects expected to be selected in the first round include North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz and Paxton Lynch from Memphis.

NFL teams in current quarterback disarray will surely be studying up on and meeting with Goff, Wentz and Lynch over the next month.