New York Mets owner admits team could be sold here soon

Mets, sale
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It’s not yet known how the COVID-19 pandemic is going to impact the process of the New York Mets being sold. Negotiations between owner Jeff Wilpon and suitors have been behind the scenes without many leaks to the public.

Are the New York Mets are for sale?

It was noted a while back that the embattled owner was looking to rid himself of the Mets. The franchise is said to be worth $2.4 billion and could sell for a record price. Wilpon has been the Mets owner since 1986, overseeing ups and downs that have made him and his brother, Fred, less-than-popular figures in the Big Apple.

Fred Wilpon admits the Mets are for sale

Speaking to a panel in New York Thursday evening, the 83-year-old Wilpon admitted that his team will be sold here soon.

Among those interested in buying the Mets, the power couple of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have joined with some top JPMorgan Chase bankers for a renewed bid after a previous attempt to buy the team failed.

Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils owner Josh Harris has also been bandied about as a possibility.

New York Mets history under Wilpon is checkered

New York last earned a playoff spot back in 2016. One year prior, it lost the World Series to the Kansas City Royals. That came after an eight-year hiatus from postseason play.

All said, the Mets have earned a playoff spot just seven times since Wilpon took over as owner. It’s obviously led to the nation’s largest media market questioning his ability in that role.