New York Jets CB Dee Milliner: ‘I am the Best’

This is now getting silly. Afer Darrelle Revis, Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman and DeAngelo Hall have all indicated that they’re the best cornerbacks in the NFL, comes this doozy. Apparently, New York Jets cornerback Dee Milliner thinks they have nothing on him. 

The second-year cornerback had this to say (via NY Daily News).

The best corner in the league? Me,” Milliner told the Daily News after practice on Saturday. “I ain’t gonna say that somebody else is better than me.

It’s one thing to have confidence, it’s a completely different thing to be out of touch with reality. Milliner played in 13 games (12 starts) as a rookie and recorded three interceptions on the season. Pro Football Focus (subscription required), graded him out as the 87th-best cornerback in the NFL, directly behind the likes of Isaiah Fry and Mike Jenkins.

While deciding to ignore reality, Milliner continued…

I’m not going to say somebody that plays the same position is better than me…Don’t care if they’ve been in the league 10 years and I’ve been here five months. That’s how it’s going to go. I’m the best. I’m not going to say that another man that plays the same position . . . and say he’s better than me? I can’t do that.


Milliner has a long way to go before he’s considered even a starter-caliber cornerback in the NFL. At least, he’s not missing that confidence thing.

Photo: NFL.com