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New York Jets trade for Aaron Rodgers hits snag due to Packers’ reported asking price

While the New York Jets are working hard to land NFL legend Aaron Rodgers in a trade, and his current team the Green Bay Packers are looking to move him, it doesn’t mean the deal isn’t proving difficult to finalize.

On Wednesday, the four-time league MVP had his version of “The Decision” on a new edition of the “Pat McAfee Show” and revealed that he indeed does want to play another season in the NFL, and he would like it to be with the New York Jets since the Packers have made it clear to him they are ready for a change at quarterback.

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The news had been rumored for weeks and finally set the stage for the two teams to come to terms on a deal that would send one of the franchise’s greatest players off to New York to finish his career. However, it seems that things are not going smoothly on the negotiating front.

After a report earlier today claimed the Green Bay Packers would likely just need a first-round pick in exchange for Rodgers, on Thursday Pro Football Talk NFL insider Mike Florio reported that sources informed him the Packers want “a first-round pick and more from the Jets for Rodgers.”

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The asking price has caused a roadblock in Aaron Rodgers trade talks and it seems the New York Jets are balking a bit over having to give up more than a first-round pick for the 39-year-old legend.

“The Packers want more than a first-round pick as part of the base deal. They want protection in 2025, in the event, Rodgers plays in 2024. And that’s more than the Jets believe they should surrender for a player the Packers no longer want.”

– Mike Florio

The need for more compensation is unlikely to sink this trade between the Packers and Jets. Especially, after New York has few better options they are willing to pursue left on the NFL free agent market. However, it will likely mean that trade talks could drag out much longer than many expected and be a drain on the minds of diehard New York Jets fans in the days ahead.