New York Giants co-owner spends $25-30K per player for Christmas gifts

Courtesy of USA Today Images

The holidays are quickly approaching, and many folks—including New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch—have already started their Christmas shopping.

According to reporters at TMZ Sports, Tisch admitted he actually starts his shopping in June and spends between $25,000 to $30,000 on every Giants player.

Talk about having the best boss ever.

Considering an NFL roster consists of 53 players, Tisch could be spending upwards of $1.59 million on the team’s players alone. That wouldn’t even include administrative or coaching staff gifts.

And, what about members of the practice squad and players on injured reserve? Or newly signed players like Hakeem Nicks? We’ll be left to wonder about that.

When Tisch was specifically questioned about whether he buys anything for the Giants’ cheerleaders, he answered, “We don’t have cheerleaders, and that’s why.”

Now, if only we’ll find out after the holidays what each Giants player received from Tisch and $30,000 worth of generous gifts.