New Orleans Saints: Ready For Another Super Bowl?

Are the New Orleans Saints primed to play in the next Super Bowl? Coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees have been working together for nearly 10 years and have one ring. However, they haven’t got past the divisional round of playoffs since 2009.

Payton had some interesting comments to share regarding a shot at a future Super Bowl, reported by USA Today Sports.

I think when you win that first one, there’s that sense of excitement. You kind of caught the chicken, proverbially, and then you let it go and you start chasing it again. I think they’re both challenging. I know this, though: Once you’ve tasted it and had a chance to experience it, you recognize how special it is and how much it’s worth it in the journey.

The Saints are loaded with talent in many areas, but can they break through the NFC West’s dominating hold on the conference championship to make it to the big game? Drew Brees is still going strong, but at 35-years-old, his opportunities to “catch the chicken” are becoming limited.

Photo: CBS Sports