New Orleans brewery launches Alvin Kamara-themed sour beer

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The city of New Orleans will not be getting over the Saints’ gut-wrenching NFC Championship Game loss to the Los Angeles Rams any time soon.

As you already know, Alvin Kamara and Co. lost in controversial fashion after a pass interference against the Rams went uncalled late in Sunday’s game.

Since then, both Kamara and stud receiver Michael Thomas have shaded the NFL over the blatant bad call. Meanwhile, a New Orleans-based lawyer is suing the league in hopes of replaying the game.

With the Bayou preparing for Super Bowl Sunday between the Rams and Patriots, there’s still a sour taste in the mouths of the natives.

Miel Brewery is taking that to an entirely new level by debuting an Alvin Kamara-themed sour beer in time for the game. Said brew will have a hint of Airhead candy — paying homage to the running back’s love of the candy.

“Miel Brewery, a tiny taproom brewery in the Irish Channel, created its AK41 as an American cream ale brewed with Airheads Xtremes Sour Belts,” Ian McNulty of The Advocate noted. “It’s a clear tribute to the second-year Saints running back Alvin Kamara.”

It is fitting that said beer is sour. That’s obviously part of the reasoning for releasing it right now. Though, Miel Brewery had planned a Saints-specific beer in case the team earned a trip to Super Bowl LIII.

The finished product certainly drew comparisons to the saltiness in which the Saints’ season ended.

“When I tasted it, it finished a little salty, a little sour, so it still felt appropriate,” the brewery’s founder, Alex Peyroux, said.

In addition to serving this special beer during Super Bowl Sunday, the establishment will also play a game of bingo while Los Angeles and New England does battle — focusing on the calamities that could befall each team in the game.

Stay salty, New Orleans. It’s the best way to get over this horrible loss.