New Astro Josh Reddick looking for ‘hot spots’ like Dave & Buster’s, Arby’s

By Michael Dixon

Leaving a team is tough for an athlete. He has to find a new place to live in a new city. For new Houston Astros outfielder Josh Reddick, that’s apparently a minor concern.

In a video posted by Mark Berman of Fox 26, Reddick shared that finding a place to live is perhaps secondary to¬†finding “hot spots” like Dave & Buster’s and Arby’s restaurants.

“I’m actually looking at houses out here, so I’m trying to finish that up. Once that gets handled, I think it will be a whole lot easier for me to settle in. But right now, it’s just about finding hot spots for me. Where’s the nearest Dave & Buster’s? Where’s an Arby’s? I love Arby’s, I love Dave & Buster’s. I’m a kid at heart.”

There’s so much to enjoy about this one.

One, Reddick seems at least as concerned with finding a Dave & Buster’s and Arby’s as he is with finding a place to live.

Two, with all due respect to those establishments, Dave & Buster’s and Arby’s wouldn’t normally be described as “hot spots.”

Reddick is in luck.

According to its website, Dave & Busters has two locations in Houston. Both of which are within 10 miles of Minute Maid Park. Arby’s meanwhile, has three locations with Houston’s city limits, one of which is only seven miles away from Reddick’s new home stadium.

So, fans looking to catch Reddick around town will have a pretty good idea where to look.