Nevada approves betting on NFL Draft

For those deplorables out there who love to bet on pretty much everything, they’ll have another avenue to pursue when the 2017 NFL Draft kicks off in Philadelphia later this month.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has voted to approve betting on the annual NFL draft.

No really.

“Bettors won’t be able to wager on which player will be the No. 1 overall pick,” the report read.  “But they’ll be able to wager on the total number of quarterbacks drafted in the first round, whether there will be more offensive players than defensive players drafted in the first round, and the over/under of the draft position for the first kicker taken, to name a few.”

Other approved props include players drafted from an individual conference or college and which college will have more players selected in the first round.

This surely takes gambling itself to a whole other level. It could also be assumed to be easy money for those who have followed along during the extensive pre-draft process.

For what it’s worth, we project four quarterbacks to go in the first round. Just don’t blame us if you lose some cash at the sports books in Vegas. We’re not about that action, boss.