Nebraska governor proclaims Saturday is ‘Scott Frost Day’

As if we needed any further proof that Nebraska is overjoyed to have former UCF coach Scott Frost heading the Cornhuskers, Governor Pete Ricketts has made a proclamation that Saturday, Frost’s debut at Nebraska, will be known as “Scott Frost Day.”

The governor made this announcement on social media Friday morning.

“Nebraska football fans from all over the country want to welcome Scott home and wish him the best as he begins his new journey at his alma mater! I, Pete Ricketts, Governor of the State of Nebraska, do hereby proclaim the 1st day of September, 2018, as Scott Frost Day,” the proclamation read, in part.

Ricketts also wrote, “I do hereby urge all citizens to take due note of the observance.”

No pressure, right?

Nebraska opens its 2018 season against Akron on Saturday, and we imagine Memorial Stadium in Lincoln will be rocking as fans flock to see their newest coach spur his team to action for the first time.