Nebraska defensive analyst Bobby Elliott passed away at age of 64

Former Iowa football player and longtime college football coach Bobby Elliott has passed away at the age of 64.

Elliott was in Iowa City being cared for in hospice care when he passed. He had been in hospice care for the past three weeks after battling a series of cancer scares and recoveries for the past 19 years, per Mark Emmert of Hawk Central. He was surrounded by family throughout his final weeks, according to family friend Dan McCarney.

Elliott played football for the Hawkeyes from 1972-75 before launching into coaching, where he truly made his mark.

He started as a graduate assistant at Iowa in 1976. After that, Elliott coached at the collegiate level for 38 years at Kent State, Ball State, Iowa State, North Carolina, Iowa, Kansas State, San Diego State, Notre Dame and Nebraska.

“He never ever presented a self-pity kind of situation. He never wanted you to feel sorry for him,” former Iowa sports information director Phil Haddy said. “He was always upbeat and he always thought he was going to lick it. And he did for 19 years.”

Hired on by Nebraska as the safeties coach this year, Elliott stepped down from that role to become a defensive analyst before ultimately taking leave due to his illness.