NCAA overhauls NBA Draft process to help prospects

The NCAA on Wednesday announced that it will overhaul an NBA Draft process that has seemingly fallen short in helping prospects over the past several years.

There’s two dramatic changes here.

First off, the NCAA announced that it will allow “elite” high school and college prospects to be represented by an agent.

Secondly, players not selected in the draft itself will then have an opportunity to return to school.

This is something that those around the college basketball world have been demanding for some time.

Without an ability to be represented by an agent throughout their amateur careers, a ton of players have made the unfortunate decision to declare for the NBA Draft prematurely. Now that agents will be involved in the equation, it stands to reason that said mistakes won’t be as widespread as before.

By enabling players to return to college should they not get drafted, it gives these youngsters the chance to continue their education while honing their skills on the court.

As archaic as the NCAA has been in recent years, we have to hand it to them here. These two changes are going to vastly enhance both college basketball and the NBA Draft process.