Report: NBA teams feel Kevin Durant will return to Thunder

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Images

NBA teams recruiting Kevin Durant are reportedly doing so for 2017, believing he will re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder this summer.

In a radio appearance wtih Adam Kaufman of CBS Radio, Adrian Wojnarowski says teams “feel they’re laying groundwork” for free agency next year, “since they all anticipate his return to OKC.”

A one-year deal with a second-year option with the Thunder seems to be the most logical solution, per Wojnarowski.

This falls in line with another report by Wojnarowski Sunday in which he indicated that Roc Nation, Durant’s representation, is working on setting up meetings with the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics, in addition to the Thunder. He says the Thunder still are favorites to re-sign Durant but that the Warriors “have Durant’s attention.”

Oklahoma City’s move to send big man Serge Ibaka to the Orlando Magic in exchange for Victor Oladipo and two others sets up the Thunder for quite the potent lineup, should Durant return. Oladipo and Russell Westbrook represent a tremendous one-two punch at the guard position — one that can dominate both ends of the court.

With Durant in the lineup alongside those two, and with a strong defensive presence down low, the Thunder would have the ability to defend the Golden State Warriors and other offensive powerhouses unlike any other team in the Association.

Durant can write his own ticket. But at this point it sure seems like he is loathe to abandon what he has started with the Thunder.