UFC 213 ticket prices plummet following Amanda Nunes news

Amanda Nunes pulling out with an illness caused UFC 213 ticket prices to plummet

Amanda Nunes made headlines Saturday for reasons nobody expected when she pulled out of UFC 213 with an undisclosed illness. In conjunction with that news, UFC 213 ticket prices plummeted, and MMA Today reports UFC must offer refunds to people who purchased tickets for the event.

To illustrate just how much the UFC 213 ticket prices fell, here’s a comparison of the NBA Summer League prices compared to UFC 213 following Nunes pulling out.

You can get into UFC 213 for less than half the price it’s costing to get into NBA Summer League Day 2. Obviously there’s some strong interest in the NBA Summer League action Saturday. Lonzo Ball will be playing in his second game after a dismal first offering Friday night.

But that by itself isn’t enough of an impact event to justify such a disparity of pricing in comparison to UFC 213. Instead, it’s all about Amanda Nunes. She was the main attraction. Now that she’s no longer going to fight Valentina Shevchenko, there just isn’t a ton of interest in the MMA event.

Supply and demand in action. That’s what we’re seeing here.