National Dog Day: Gallery of NFL Players and NFL Dogs

It’s National Dog Day, believe it or not. So here are some NFL players with their beautiful four-legged friends, some four-legged friends wearing NFL fashion attire and some NFL players wearing dogs. Enjoy!

Eric Decker’s Dog

Wonder if this doggie is jealous of his new baby sister?

Decker’s Service Dogs

Peyton Manning’s Dog Twin?

Tom Brady’s Pampered Dog

Wes Welker’s Treat-Catching Dog

Reggie Bush, the Dog

The Colin Kapernick Look-Alike Dog, Note the Collar

Aaron Rodgers, the Rescue Dog

At least Eli Manning’s Dog performs

The Dez Bryant’ Stalker Dog

Victor Cruz’ Sexy Dog

Matt Forte’s Dog Sending a Message to Green Bay

Rob Gronkowski’s Manly Dog

Johnny Manziel is a Dog
Anyone have any Scooby snacks?

Tony Romo’s Dog Eliminated From Playoffs…shocker

And the appropriate closing question?

Heck no better be the answer here.