Nasty brawl breaks out at CONCACAF Champions League match

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Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Things turned ugly in the stands at the conclusion of Tuesday’s CONCACAF Champions League match between the New York Red Bulls andĀ Guadalajara. This wasn’t simply a small number of fans, either. This was a large number of supporters engaged in a full on brawl.

TMZ Sports picked up two different camera angles of the fight. Both of which contain foul language and can be seen here.

Evidently, the brawl had been brewing throughout the match.

“Sources in the stands tell us … Red Bulls fans had been getting into it with Chivas Guadalajara supporters during the CONCACAF Champions League semifinal at Red Bulls Arena in NJ all game long,” the TMZ report said.

The brawl featured (but was not limited to) fans throwing drinks at in the middle of the melee. In one scary moment, a fan was kicked in the chest and actually went tumbling down the seats.

Eventually, the ugly fight was broken up by police and stadium security.