Myles Garrett: Leonard Fournette has ‘been trying to leave since sophomore year’

Leonard Fournette

Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett has known star LSU running back Leonard Fournette since high school. They graduated the same year, and many of the same colleges recruited the two.

So a recent comment from Garrett regarding Fournette’s decision to skip the bowl game to prepare for the NFL Draft shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In what could be cause for concern among NFL evaluators, Garrett alleges Fournette apparently had mentally check out over a year ago. This, in addition to the fact that he decided not to play in his final game at LSU.

This potentially brings to light a multitude of questions, including his commitment to the game as well as issues that may arise within the locker room.

Leonard Fournette, though supremely talented, must have a stellar draft process to help assuage concerns surrounding him that only seem to grow by the day, depending on your point of view.