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Multiple Colorado football players test positive for COVID-19

Vincent Frank
Colorado football helmet during 2019 college football game
Two Colorado football players have tested positive for COVID-19

The start of the 2020 college football season in late August remains very much up in the air due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the United States. That’s now been magnified further.

Two Colorado football players have tested positive for COVID-19

While it’s not yet known which players have contracted the virus, this is not great news for the Buffaloes as they prepare for the 2020 season. We’ve seen it on a near never-ending loop.

Multiple college football programs seeing widespread COVID-19 cases. Colorado is just the latest example.

That’s just to name a few of the many college football teams impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Will the 2020 college football season be played?

This is now a major question after it seemed during the spring that the season would start as planned in late August.

We’re seeing a growing number of COVID-19 cases in states such as California, Arizona, Florida and Texas. Those are some of the biggest states when it comes to college football.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the NCAA plays this with teams being impacted on a near-daily basis.

As we have seen over the past several months, states make up their own policies related to COVID-19. As to where Texas has indicated it would welcome fans for outdoor sporting events, California is nowhere near heading in that direction.

Previously, the New York area was the hardest hit region in the world. It’s now seen a major downtick in cases. That’s what makes this so difficult.

Like the rest of the world, college football will have to make decisions based on how the pandemic looks the closer we get to late August. It’s definitely tricky.