Most expensive listing for Super Bowl LIII suite will blow your mind

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We all know Super Bowl tickets can cost quite the fortune. But, this is an understatement taking into consideration the cost to purchase the Centennial Suite at Mercedes-Benz Stadium to attend Super Bowl LIII.

The price to reserve this luxury suite will cost a mind-blowing $624,750, according to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report (h/t

This is absolutely bananas. As noted by Freeman, this hefty dollar figure is two times the median price to purchase a home in the state of Georgia.

It sure will be interesting to see if anyone out there with deep pockets deems spending over $600K a worthwhile purchase. And, we must wonder what luxuries and services will actually be provided in this fancy-shmancy suite.

Super Bowl LIII takes place on Sunday, Feb. 3 when the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams square off for this year’s NFL finale.