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MLB TV: Pricing, how to buy, cancel, and more


MLB TV gives baseball fans access to any game on television, giving them their own choice, whether they want to watch the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, or even get weird and watch the Washington Nationals. That’s up to you as a fan.

Thanks to its widespread availability and ease of use, MLB.TV is an extremely popular service thousands subscribe to each year. While many are already quite familiar with what the baseball viewing platform offers, many others have plenty of questions. We’ll answer what we can down below.

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How much is MLB TV?

As always, the biggest question everyone wants to know is just how much is MLB.TV? The yearly package starts at $139.99 annually. The MLB.TV single-team package can be attained for $119.99 per year. Eventually, MLB.TV typically goes on sale for about $94.99 at around the All-Star Break in July, and later when the Hunt for October heats up, the price lowers to roughly $29.99.

Does MLB.TV include the playoffs?

Buying the MLB.TV package does include access to postseason play, including the World Series. This gives fans a chance to watch a team’s full 162-game season and the playoffs if they can clinch a spot.

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Is MLB.TV worth it?

If you can’t get enough baseball or just enjoy watching your favorite hand-picked baseball matchups around the league, MLB.TV is certainly worth the price of admission. Where else can you flip from one game to another on any given night? If it’s your day off, but there are no premier games on primetime television, MLB.TV can save the day. It doesn’t matter what it costs, it’s baseball. Every. Single. Day.

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How to add MLB.TV to Youtube TV

If you already subscribe to Youtube TV, but you also want to add the MLB.TV package, it’s a fairly simple process.

  1. Click the ‘Get Started’ button
  2. Login with your Youtube TV username and password
  3. Register or sign in to your MLB.TV account to link your Youtube TV profile
  4. You can also use your MLB.com email address to access MLB.TV on a supported device

How to link MLB.TV to Amazon Prime

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime’s services, adding the MLB.TV subscription package is as easy as three basic steps.

  1. Click the ‘Get Started’ button
  2. Login with your Amazon Prime username and password
  3. Register or sign in to your MLB.TV account to link your Amazon Prime profile
  4. You can also use your MLB.com email address to access MLB.TV on a supported device

Is MLB.TV free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime includes several other services free of charge, leading many to wonder if MLB.TV is also included. Unfortunately, the baseball gods have not graced us with this just yet. MLB.TV is not free or included with Amazon Prime, but as noted above, it is available for purchase as an add-on.

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How to watch MLB.TV on Apple TV

Those choosing to access MLB.TV on their Apple TV have a clear procedure to follow.

  1. Open the Apple app store
  2. Search for MLB.TV
  3. Download the MLB.TV app
  4. Sign-in upon installation
  5. Start watching MLB games

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How to cancel MLB.TV

If you wish to cancel your MLB.TV subscription, you may do so at any time. On your MLB.TV MLB account tab, there is a section titled ‘Manage Subscriptions.’ This is where you will find the option to cancel your MLB.TV package.

Otherwise, subscribers may also call their customer service line at 866-800-1275. International customers can call 972-836-1111 to cancel.

MLB.TV will automatically renew each season on March 1 at the year’s regular, full-season price. Just like the subscription service, subscribers can cancel the automatic renewal at any point before the billing period.

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