MLB.com Jumps the Gun with “Royals Lose” Headline

When the Oakland Athletics scored five runs in the sixth inning and took a four-run lead to the bottom of the eighth against the Kansas City Royals in the AL Wild Card game on Tuesday night, most people figured the game was all but over .

After all, Jon Lester was still going strong for the A’s and seemed ready to finish off a pesky Royals team.

Apparently the good people at MLB.com figured it made sense to get a head start on the headline for the ‘eventual’ A’s win.


Screen cap from Deadspin.com

Unfortunately for A’s fans, who now know how the story ended, this game wasn’t over. And despite this, MLB.com accidently ran the story.

What ensued was the most mind-boggling four innings of baseball that you will see in your life. Oakland blew the four run lead, only to take a one run lead in extra innings. Kansas City tied the game up in the 11th before winning it in the 12th.

Yeah, it was one of THOSE nights in Kansas City. And apparently, one of those kind of nights over at MLB.com as well.

Photo: NBC Sports