Heated about last game, Mike Zimmer might play starters in final preseason game

Mike Zimmer

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is so hot under the collar about his team’s poor first-half performance on Sunday that he might make them play on Thursday.

Starters playing in the last preseason game isn’t something that happens very often in the NFL.

This is Zimmer’s current mindset.

“I’ve made up my mind, but I haven’t told the team yet or anything like that,” Zimmer said Tuesday, per Chris Tomasson of PP Twin Cities. “I haven’t told the coaches yet, either. After the other night, I feel like they should play, but we’ll see.”

The Vikings were awful in the first half of the game but managed to beat the San Francisco 49ers 32-31 on Sunday, thanks to the play of the reserves. Entering the second half of that game, the Vikings had yet to score and were down by 14 points.

The 49ers scored in their first two drives against Minnesota’s starting defense. The Vikings punted five times in a row in the first half. The Vikings’ first touchdown came late in the third quarter.

Starter Sam Bradford failed to score in 21 attempted passes. He was sacked three times as well. Rookie Dalvin Cook was not impressive either, toting the ball for 17 yards on five carries.

Zimmer will surely make his decision soon. If the starters take the field on Thursday at home against the Miami Dolphins, there is the obvious increased chance for injury.

One way or another, Zimmer’s comments mean business.