Mike Tomlin fires back at Terry Bradshaw

Mike Tomlin

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback and Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw had some rather alarming criticism of the team’s current head coach, Mike Tomlin, ahead of their Week 16 tilt against the Baltimore Ravens.

He indicated that Tomlin wasn’t a “great coach at all.” Bradshaw was also quoted in saying that Tomlin was “a great cheerleader guy” in his scathing rebuke of the successful coach (more on that here).

Now, following Pittsburgh’s division-clinching win on Christmas, Tomlin himself is firing back at Bradshaw.

Context is most definitely needed here.

That’s some pretty major shade going in Bradshaw’s direction from Tomlin. It’s also going to cause some jaws to drop in Pittsburgh.

Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1975-79 and took on the Steelers in two Super Bowls (losing both).

His criticism of Bradshaw as being nothing more than a meathead jock pretty much defined the hatred between these two teams during an era where they were both among the league’s best. It’s in this that Tomlin’s reference might draw a bit of criticism from Steelers fans.

As it is, Bradshaw has most definitely been put on notice here. How he responds is anyone’s guess.