Mike Pettine: Johnny Manziel Christmas rap video ‘certainly a concern’

Johnny Manziel didn’t go on a two-day bender over the Christmas holiday, but a video has surfaced that has some wondering what it was the quarterback was imbibing.

For most, taking a drink or two with your friends on a special holiday isn’t frowned-upon. Even doing so while taking an Instagram video of yourself rapping wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

However, Manziel isn’t “most people.” He’s a guy who has already gone through rehab and then got busted on a two-day bender very recently, costing him his job for two weeks.

Because of this, head coach Mike Pettine knows there is going to be some negative attention on Manziel and the Cleveland Browns by proxy. This isn’t something he’s excited about, though it’s important to note the quarterback isn’t going to lose his job this time around.

“Anytime there’s something with our players that casts them potentially in a bad light whether it’s Johnny or any of our other guys, it’s certainly a concern,” said Pettine, via Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com. “I’m sure I’ll see it, I’ll have a discussion with him about it. These circumstances are different from the incident that occurred before. But I’m just not going to go into a ton of detail with it until I get a little bit more information about it, but it’s something that I’m sure privately we’ll discuss if it needs to be discussed.”

Obviously, this isn’t as big a deal as some of Manziel’s past transgressions. That said, the quarterback seems to continually miss the mark when it comes to understanding just how important it is for him to keep his private life private at this time.

In the middle of the biggest job audition of his life, Manziel continues to demonstrate his willingness to make questionable choices. The Browns are trying to determine if he’s the quarterback of the future or if they need to try and land one of the top signal-callers at the top of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Below is the video in question, which was first downloaded on the Yeti Campus Stories app and then picked up by bustedcoverage.com.

A Merry Manziel Christmas.

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