Mike Mayock on Antonio Brown: Actions speak louder than words

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock was not about to discuss the Antonio Brown situation ahead of his team’s season opener Monday night.

Brown requested to be released through social media early on Saturday, at which point the Raiders obliged. It was the culmination of drama-filled six-plus month tenure for Brown in Oakland. It also came without him having played a single snap for the Raiders.

When approached about the Brown drama ahead of Monday’s game against the Broncos, Mayock had a one-line response.

It’s not too hard to read between the lines here. When it comes to actions, Mayock is talking about Oakland’s decision to release Brown. He’s not going to add too much to that.

Words? Well, the focus here has to be on Brown’s words and what led to him being jettisoned from the Raiders.

As it is, the six-time Pro Bowl receiver is now a member of the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, Oakland looks to move forward without all of the drama he brought to the mix.