Mike Mayock is off his rocker comparing Baker Mayfield to Johnny Manziel

Former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield has been compared to fellow former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel off the field. That comparison might be a bit legit based on the off-field issues both divisive figures have had.

No one has really compared the two as quarterbacks until now. That opinion comes in the form of NFL media draft expert Mike Mayock, who shockingly had this to say.

 “The world of 6-1 and under quarterbacks is a small world, so just by virtue of that they’re kind of thrown in together,” Mayock said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot. “You can certainly look at Baker Mayfield and say he’s an athletic kid; he’s got a really good arm. I think he probably has a little bit stronger arm than Johnny Manziel did, but I think the comparison at least on the surface is valid.”

Mayock went on to note that he watched hours of tape on Mayfield a few weeks back. Well, he might want to actually watch said tape again.

Outside of their smallish size, there’s no real comparison to be had here. As Mayock notes, Mayfield has a stronger arm than Manziel. He’s also about the most accurate quarterback in the entire 2018 NFL Draft. Manziel’s strong point heading into the 2014 draft was athleticism and the ability to scramble. There were valid concerns over his accuracy. In no way is that an issue for Mayfield.

In an NFL world where hot takes regarding draft prospects have been commonplace, this comparison might actually take the cake. Let’s just hope for Mayfield’s sake, that NFL teams don’t take to it.