Mike Leach telling story of how he tracked a raccoon will make your day

Mike Leach

Washington State head coach Mike Leach lives in another universe. He’s a very rare bird who has a penchant for constantly keeping everyone who covers the team on their toes by conveying the most off-the-wall stories imaginable (like this).

Well, not surprisingly, Leach was back at it again on Tuesday morning. Here’s the head coach going into some detail about him tracking a raccoon, just to see where it lived.

“Tracked a raccoon one time in the snow,” Leach said. “I was in the neighborhood and I was just curious where this raccoon lived. There’s some fresh raccoon tracks. He’d been digging at somebody’s garbage. So I followed the tracks, and I don’t even know if these people know it, but he lives right in the back of their house.”

When asked why, exactly, Leach decided to investigate this little critter, he said, “It was residential enough. I was curious where this sucker lived, so I walked about a half a mile out of my way to sort that out.”

“…about a half a mile out of my way to sort that out.”


Never change, coach.