Mike Leach shares thoughts about his hatred of golf

Mike Leach

Washington State head football coach Mike Leach has a side gig that involves keeping reporters who cover him on the edge of their seats at all times. He’s the quote master. Ask him an off-the-wall question, and you can be sure he’ll provide gut-busting fodder.

Leach recently went into detail about the one time he tracked a raccoon in the snow for half a mile, just to see where it lived. Then, on Tuesday night after practice, a reporter asked him about golf.

He hates golf. And now he’ll tell you why.

During the over two-minute clip, Leach shares his thoughts about how being golf is like being part of a committee — he hates committees, by the way. He also goes into what he hears when others talk about golf and golf courses, and describes what he’s more interested in doing while others play golf.

We have no idea how the Cougars will fare in 2018. That’s irrelevant to this conversation. What we know for certain is that Leach is the best story teller in college football. Perhaps, ever.