Mike Ditka provides update on health, is pumped for Bears’ playoff game

Ahead of this Sunday’s Wild Card game in Chicago versus the Philadelphia Eagles, former Bears coach and Hall of Famer Mike Ditka appears to be in good spirits and health. This would be following a heart attack Ditka suffered this past November.

TMZ Sports caught up with Ditka and shared an interview when the coach revealed that he has been playing golf and that he is “lucky” to have survived the attack.

When asked about the upcoming game between the Bears and Eagles, Ditka said that the Bears “are good.” He said he was impressed with how they “run the ball” and that their “defense is outstanding.”

Though he won’t be in attendance at the game, he said he will watch it from home.

Ditka concluded the interview by saying another team would have to “get up early in the morning and bring a lunch bucket” in order to beat the Bears.

Earlier in November, Ditka predicted that the Bears could be Super Bowl bound.

They certainly are getting closer with the first item of business, being defeating the Eagles.