Mike D’Antoni: We can’t stop Warriors but ‘They’re not gonna stop us either’

Mike D'Antoni

The Golden State Warriors aren’t the only team that features an unstoppable offense, according to Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni, that is.

The coach acknowledges Golden State’s offense can’t be stopped, but he made it clear the Warriors won’t be able to stop his team, either.

Houston has some intriguing pieces this year. Chris Paul joins James Harden in the backcourt, which gives the Rockets one of the best 1-2 punches in the Association at the two guard spots. If they choose to go small, then Eric Gordon can play on the court with these two, and the Rockets have some big men like Ryan Anderson who can run and score on the fly.

D’Antoni has long implemented a high-scoring, fast-paced offense. His Rockets were the No. 2 scoring offense in the NBA, behind, you guessed it, Golden State. They averaged 115.3 points per game, which was just 0.6 points less than Golden State. They also led the NBA in three-pointers last season and figure to be among the leaders — if not the leader — in this stat once again in 2017-18.

Houston’s offense is certainly fun to watch, and the Rockets can score against anyone. Defense, however, is another issue altogether. And while Paul is a defensive master, he’s only one player. It’s going to be interesting if his inclusion into D’Antoni’s team will have any bearing on the final results. Houston was the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference last year but was ousted by San Antonio in the second round, losing 4-2.