Mickey Callaway sums up Mets’ misfortunes with poignant quote

The 2018 season has been frustrating for the New York Mets. They haven’t won a series since sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks in a three-game series from May-18-20. Following Sunday’s loss, manager Mickey Callaway summed that up with one brilliant quote.

Well, the Mets haven’t gotten lucky. But the extended run of futility being experienced in New York goes beyond a lack of luck.

Since that sweep of Arizona, the Mets have gone 12-32. For reference, that pace over the course of a full season would amount to a 44-118 record. Going back a little further, New York started its season 11-1. Since then, it’s gone 24-50.

Sure, a little luck might have helped the Mets win a few extra games. But by and large, a team doesn’t amass that kind of record by getting unlucky.