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Michigan president: Jim Harbaugh ‘not on the hot seat’

Jesse Reed
Jim Harbaugh Michigan football

Despite plenty of chatter and conjecture that Jim Harbaugh is on the hot seat at Michigan, the school is publicly saying his job is perfectly safe.

On Wednesday, Michigan’s president said, “He’s not on the hot seat. He’s under contract for four more years” in a meeting with the Detroit EconomicClub.

When Harbaugh joined Michigan after a “mutual” agreement to leave the San Francisco 49ers, he signed a seven-year deal to coach the Wolverines. Since then, the school has added some money onto his deal in the form of a $2 million-per-year allotment that is paid into a life insurance policy.

This $2 million addendum brings his annual pay up to $7 million.

Since Harbaugh started coaching at Michigan, the Wolverines have a record of 28-12, including a 1-2 record in bowl games. The team’s 2018 season opener against Notre Dame was a huge disappointment, especially as the Shea Patterson-led offense sputtered in a bad way.

Many feel Harbaugh hasn’t lived up to the hype to this point. However, it seems Michigan itself is taking a more long-term view about the whole process and is willing to continue allowing Harbaugh the chance to improve the program at a gradual pace.

None of this, however, has kept the Harbaugh-to-the-NFL rumors from continuing to blossom.