Michael Vick was not a fan of Michael Thomas’ TD celebration

By Vincent Frank
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas pulled out the old Joe Horn touchdown celebration after burning Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters for a score on Sunday.

Pretty much everyone around the football world lost their mind when Thomas picked up a cell phone and pretended to call someone. Horn himself was impressed.

Apparently, the list of people impressed by the amazing celebration doesn’t include former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

“It’s way too much. It’s way too much,” Vick told TMZ Sports. “Nah, nah, nah. No cell phones. We don’t want to corrupt the game like that.”

That’s good, because, we were somehow worried that Thomas’ touchdown celebration set a bad example for the youngsters watching the game. It’s almost like the star receiver committed a felony and should’ve been sent directly to Leavenworth or something.

We digress.

There’s certainly an old-school element to this. Those who have been around the game of football for a while probably weren’t too excited by this millennial-type celebration. Drop the football or hand it to the official and go on about your day.

We just didn’t take Vick for a Clint Eastwood-type, get off my lawn individual. Apparently that’s what he’s become. Good for him. The rest of us will just enjoy these celebrations for what they are. Pure entertainment.