Michael Vick pokes a bit of fun at Jets QB situation

Michael Vick

Michael Vick was once a member of the New York Jets, but he certainly doesn’t appear to have high hopes for his former team in 2017.

Speaking with Kimberley A. Martin of Newsday, Vick was asked to make a prediction about the team’s fate this upcoming season.

“Man, good luck,” he said, “I don’t even know who the quarterback is going to be. Good luck. I know there’s three of them.”

That’s a little bit of shade thrown at his former team, if you ask us.

Vick did say he has “a lot of respect” for 38-year-old veteran Josh McCown but said the pressure is on the Jets to find the quarterback of the future.

“Todd Bowles has just got to find the right guy. That’s it, man. That’s important. That part of being a great organization that knows how to evaluate talent. That’s important.”

Then Vick said he’d roll with second-year quarterback Christian Hackenberg if he were the one calling the shots.

“I would throw Hackenberg out there,” said Vick. “I would groom Petty. Listen, you’ve got two quarterbacks who, in their collegiate careers, were very successful. Now, you’ve got to bring somebody in who can cater to them, that can make that work. And it’s not that hard. This is not rocket science.

“I think sometimes, we make football rocket science. They’ve just got to get the right guy. I think Coach Bowles, man, he’s smart enough.”

The problem with putting the onus on Bowles is that he’s no quarterback whisperer. He’s a defensive coach. Worse? The Jets haven’t had a franchise quarterback since Joe Namath unless you count Chad Pennington.

Needless to say, there is a ton of pressure on the Jets to get it right. Jobs are on the line. They didn’t draft a signal caller in 2017 after bringing in Petty and Hackenberg the past two years. Neither quarterback appears to be ready, but they’re going to get their chance in an open, three-way battle for the job this summer.

For a team that has to contend with the New England Patriots on a yearly basis, it sure seems like the Jets are a long ways off from success. Vick knows it. You know it. The Jets must know it, despite what they’re saying in public. It’s going to be fascinating (in a stare at a highway accident kind of way) season for the Jets and their quarterbacks.