Michael Jordan gave $5 million to African American History and Culture museum

Michael Jordan
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

NBA legend Michael Jordan is interested in honoring African American culture.

On Monday, it was announced that Jordan has made a $5 million donation to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

“The gift, the largest from a sports figure to the 19th Smithsonian museum, pushes private donations to the museum to $278 million,” per Peggy McGlone, Washington Post. “Including federal aid, the museum, which President Obama will open on Sept. 24, has raised more than $548 million.”

According to McGlone, Jordan’s former team — the Chicago Bulls — also gave a game worn jersey of Jordan’s from the 1996 NBA Finals. The report also stated that “In recognition of the gifts, the museum will name a section of its sports gallery the Michael Jordan Hall.”

Jordan released a statement about the donation, expressing gratitude for the opportunity as well as those who came before him.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to support this museum,” Jordan said in a statement, per McGlone. “I also am indebted to the historic contributions of community leaders and athletes such as Jesse Owens, whose talent, commitment and perseverance broke racial barriers and laid the groundwork for the successful careers of so many African Americans in athletics and beyond.”

Jordan will be one of 17 athletes honored as a “game-changing” athlete.

This is the second large donation Jordan has contributed in the past few weeks. He also donated $2 million to help promote awareness between African Americans and police departments in the wake of the recent gun violence that plagued the nation.