Michael Floyd disputes report of failed alcohol tests

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd could be in hot water again.

New Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd appears to be in some hot water again. Arrested back in December on DUI charges, Floyd was immediately waived by the Arizona Cardinals.

And while he did land with the eventual Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, Floyd had to serve almost a month in jail due to the DUI.

He’s also beeen on house arrest with a zero-tolerance alcohol order as part of probation. TMZ Sports reported on Friday that Floyd failed multiple alcohol tests, which could potentially force him to return to jail (more on that here).

Floyd himself is now pushing back against the gossip rag, indicating that the report is absolutely false.

While TMZ itself has a history of sensationalizing news, the outlet has been pretty dead on with reports in the past. It’s unknown whether that’s the case here. But Floyd’s comments following the initial report tells us all we need to know about his stance.

Should this come back to haunt Floyd, there’s a possibility he will be cut loose by the Vikings. A player can only be given so many opportunities before the NFL turns its back on him.