Michael Crabtree appears to throw shade at former QB Colin Kaepernick

Courtesy of USA Today: It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Crabtree won’t be back in 2015.

Michael Crabtree made a couple of eye-opening statements in a recent interview with Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.

He’s thrilled to move on after spending his first six years with the San Francisco 49ers and revealed he actually took less money to play with the Oakland Raiders in 2015. He called the decision “a great move, for both parties” and says he feels “blessed” to have found a new home.

“A lot of people don’t know that the Niners offered me a contract, I just didn’t take it,” Crabtree said. “I wanted a fresh start. It was more money too — the Niners offered me more money than anybody did — but business is business and I wanted to come to a team that really wanted and needed me.”

In addition to the revelation that he took less money to play in Oakland, he also appears to throw some serious shade at former teammate Colin Kaepernick.

“I needed new scenery. It wasn’t for me,” Crabtree said. “I needed a quarterback that can deliver the ball, and that was hungry like I was.”

There is no way to take what he’s saying as anything other than a big slam against Kaepernick. Apparently, Crabtree doesn’t think Kaepernick can “deliver the ball,” or that he’s “hungry” like he is.

The veteran receiver is happy with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, of whom he made the comment, “Little brother has a chip on his shoulder.”

This isn’t the first time a former teammate of Kaepernick’s has apparently slammed him after leaving for greener pastures. Former 49ers running back Frank Gore recently called Andrew Luck “a football god” and commented about how he’d never been around another quarterback who took command of the huddle like Luck does.

Consider our eyebrows raised.