Mets will take time deciding Carlos Beltran’s fate, per report

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sport

The Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox fired their managers for their role in Houston’s electronic sign-stealing during the 2017 season. While the New York Mets might consider firing Carlos Beltran, a decision reportedly won’t come any time soon.

According to SportsNet New York’s Andy Martino, the Mets will not rush a decision on Beltran’s fate and the club will evaluate everything before deciding whether or not Beltran would be fired.

Beltran, who was hired by the Mets in November, was the only player directly named in commissioner Rob Manfred’s report on Monday detailing how the Astros stole signs from opponents.

According to MLB’s findings, Beltran was involved in the Astros developing their system to use the video replay system to steal signs from the opponent. He also played a role in Houston’s system of banging a trash can to alert teammates what pitch was coming.

While the Red Sox and Astros reacted quickly to the news of their now former managers’ involvement in the tactics, the Mets seem ready to let the process play out. While Beltran avoided a suspension from MLB, as did all players, this is an issue that will follow the Mets into spring training. However, the Mets are seemingly ready to deal with that for now as the expense of keeping the manager they just hired.