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Mets’ offensive futility nearing historic levels

Michael Dixon

The New York Mets offense is struggling heading into Thursday’s game with the Arizona Diamondbacks. In fact, it’s ineffective at a near historic level.

The Mets are 1-8 over their last nine games, having scored only eight combined runs. They haven’t scored in multiple innings of any games in that stretch. No team has put forth such an anemic effort in 40 years.

That’s not exactly good company to keep. The 1978 Oakland Athletics were a 69-93 club. The 1964 Mets, meanwhile, went 53-109.

Of course, to score a run in more than one inning, a team needs to score two or more runs. That’s something that New York has done only twice over the last nine games. The Mets were shut out in four of the other seven games, and plated only one run on the three other occasions.

What’s amazing is that generally speaking, New York’s pitching has been good, if not fantastic. But obviously, that hasn’t been good enough to overcome the dismal hitting.