Max Unger Over Being Upset about Trade to New Orleans Saints

By Rachel Wold

The abrupt trade of tight end Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks rocked the football world. As one of the parties involved in the trade, center Max Unger wasn’t originally happy about the situation that landed him as a member of the New Orleans Saints.

However, Unger appears to be changing his tune since spending some time in his new environment.

“I’m over all of that,” Unger said to the New Orleans Advocate. “It’s done with. I’m here, I’m very happy about it and I’m just trying to move forward.”

It’s got to be difficult coming from a team that has back-to-back Super Bowl appearances to the Saints, who finished the 2014 season under .500. Despite the Saints dry spell, Unger landed with a team that has had bouts of success. It was only 2009 that the Saints were victorious in Super Bowl XLIV.

Speaking highly of his fellow teammate, guard Tim Lelito appears to have made a new friend in Unger:

“Max is an awesome dude,” the offensive lineman said. “We work out together every day, and we were actually playing out here last Thursday at Zach’s golf tournament, so it was a fun time, just hanging out. We have the same interests and stuff like that. He grew up on a farm in Hawaii; I grew up on a farm in Michigan. So he’s an outdoors-type guy, (and) so am I.”

The former Pro Bowler seems content in his new surroundings. That should help the Saints get over the loss of Graham, at least from a locker room standpoint.

Photo: USA Today