Matthew Stafford’s wife reverses course, says he’s a Lion for life

Matthew Stafford Lions
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It was just a couple weeks ago tha rumors persisted the Detroit Lions could look to trade Pro Bowl quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Once those rumors started making headlines, Stafford’s wife, Kelly, took to social media to blast the Lions and suggest a move to the Los Angeles Chargers could be in the cards.

It now looks like she is backtracking. Mrs. Stafford took to Instagram on Saturday to note that her husband is not going anywhere and will be a Lion for life.

We’re pretty sure that someone got into her ear. It could have been Stafford himself or someone from the Lions’ organization.

As it is, general manager Bob Quinn made it clear earlier that Stafford is not going anywhere. His agent doubled down on that belief recently, too.

This puts an end to it.