Matthew Stafford plans to keep diaper industry in business with new contract

Matthew Stafford

The Detroit Lions just made quarterback Matthew Stafford the highest-paid player in the NFL. Stafford agreed to terms on a whopping five-year extension worth $135 million on Monday evening.

So, what exactly does Stafford plan to spend his new paycheck on?

Not cars, or a new house. Not even a luxurious vacation home. Diapers. And, lots of them. Stafford’s wife Kelly gave birth to two adorable twin daughters earlier this spring.

Just check out new daddy Stafford the night he inked his new deal.


And, how cute is this? Two diapered-up baby girls complete with their daddy’s No. 9 jersey, ready to watch him practice.


Really, what else could Stafford possibly want to buy when he is holding everything he needs, right in his arms?