Who knew Matt Ryan was actually funny?

By Scott Carasik

The offseason has been very informative for Atlanta Falcons fans when it comes to Matt Ryan. After coming off as a pretty boring, bland dude for the first eight years of his career with the Falcons, he’s finally showing some of his personality on his Twitter feed this offseason.

It all started in May with this gem:

As a fan of the Little Giants, we love the reference. And considering their connection, it’s not too shocking.

Then to celebrate National Eat Your Vegetables Day in June, he posted this:

We don’t love vegetables either. So we definitely can empathize with Ryan on this one and feel like Cookie Monster as well.

Matt. Trust us. We all feel your pain. We don’t want to wait anymore for real football.

And with the release of Pokemon Go, Ryan dropped this nugget on Wednesday:

Ryan showing off his arm once again. We get it. You’re probably better at throwing Pokeballs than us since you throw balls for a living. We’ll catch them all before you do, though. We don’t have to sit here and focus on the Panthers’ defense for this upcoming season.

The only ones who really did know this were Ryan’s teammates throughout the years and his wife. As a fan, it’s been fun to see some personality coming through his Twitter feed for the first time ever.