Brett Favre does not want grandchildren playing football

Brett Favre

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre retired in 2010 after 20 long years of playing in the NFL. Though, football is the last sport Favre would wish to see his young grandchildren playing.

Favre candidly discussed the severity and long-term effects of concussions as a phone-in guest on the Rich Eisen Show. The Hall of Famer said he would prefer his grandsons play golf, which is obviously a safer sport.

Having dealt with concussions, Favre said overall he “can’t complain” about experiencing any lingering effects personally.

Favre has a new documentary on concussions airing this Thursday. He says for those who watch, they may be “shocked” at some of the content shared. Favre wants to expose a “more fearful outlook at concussions.”

Unfortunately as long as football is played, concussions will be part of the game. Practicing safer methods and stricter concussion protocols — still a huge problem right now — is something the league and its players constantly battle with.