Matt Nagy loses his mind over official calling timeout

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Nagy thought he had Sean McVay on the ropes. In the end, all he got was a massive burst of anger at the officials on “Sunday Night Football.”

Nagy pulled the old switcharoo, yanking his punt unit off the field to try and sneak a fourth-down offensive play on the Los Angeles Rams defense. In the process, however, one of the side judges got knocked to the turf, necessitating a timeout.

The delay caused Nagy to flip his lid on national television.


It’s understandable that he was so upset. He really thought he had the Rams fooled and wanted to gain some momentum for his club in a tight 6-6 battle, late in the second quarter.

Though, it must be noted that the Rams had every right to get a switch of their own put together before the snap, per NFL rules.

In the end, the Bears would punt after the timeout, much to Nagy’s chagrin.