Matt Harvey booed off the field after another awful performance

Things have not gone well for New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey in 2018. They only got worse during Thursday’s game against the Atlanta Braves, and the home fans let him have it.

The fans at Citi Field weren’t the only ones critical of Harvey.

The really bad thing for Harvey is that this outing started so well for him. He replaced Jason Vargas with two outs and two on in the fifth inning, got out of the jam, then tossed a perfect sixth. But in the seventh, Harvey seemed to forget how to pitch. He allowed three hits, three walks, and the five earned runs.

It’s just another bad outing in what’s been a dismal season for Harvey. The former phenom was demoted to the bullpen, which is a move that could have been beneficial. But he’s clearly not adjusting well to life as a reliever. As far as the boos go, the Mets aren’t doing Harvey any favors. Then again, he’s not doing much to help himself.

It’s hard to imagine where Harvey goes from here. He’s already been demoted from the starting rotation. If anything, he’s been worse in relief.

Harvey has a lot to do to revive his career. As a pending free agent, he better figure things out quickly.