Matt Forte would rather have a Super Bowl ring than Hall of Fame jacket

By Rachel Wold

New York Jets running back Matt Forte is hoping that his move from Chicago brings him a Lombardi trophy before he calls it quits.

During a sit down Q&A session with Dave Dameshek of, Forte was asked whether he’d prefer to win a title or wear a Hall of Fame jacket when all was said and done. His response was pretty clear.

“I would definitely say a Lombardi trophy,” Forte said.

He then proceeded to explain that there are a lot of great players who never receive a gold jacket and there are players with gold jackets who will never hoist the Lombardi trophy.

The closest Forte came to the Super Bowl during his eight-year career with the Bears was back in 2010 when the team lost to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game.

Forte now finds himself in a position to help New York compete against a dominant New England Patriots squad in the AFC East. His presence on the Jets comes a year following their surprising 10-win 2015 campaign.

Although, that was when quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was under center. Now, it is looking more apparent that Forte will be banking on a Super Bowl run with Geno Smith as his quarterback (more on that here).

We don’t wish to burst Forte’s bubble, but most people would not associate Smith with a Super Bowl any time in the near future.

Forte appears to be in great physical condition at the age of 30 and could still feasibly play in the league for another few seasons, providing his health holds up.

If a Super Bowl isn’t in the cards for Forte, there is always the Hall of Fame as a backup plan.

To date, Forte has tallied a total of 1,2718 yards and 64 touchdowns in eight seasons. Those certainly are numbers that should make him Canton bound.