Matt Cassel Dodges Questions About Deflategate and Tom Brady

By Rachel Wold

Buffalo Bills quarterback Matt Cassel spent four seasons playing as a backup to Tom Brady in New England. When questioned about Brady’s supposed knowledge of the tampering with the footballs prior to January’s AFC Championship game, Cassel provided a very scripted response:

“I think it’s the same everywhere. I think we all have a say in what balls we want and all that stuff and that’s about the extent that I’ll go into that.”

Cassel also didn’t have a ton to say about the four-game suspension that was handed down to Brady for his alleged involvement in Deflategate.

“I’m really not going to get into that,” Cassel said, via “Obviously that was a league decision and it’s something that the league came down with a ruling and we’re going to go out there and play against whoever’s going to be out there on the field.”

By acknowledging the situation and quickly brushing it off, Cassel appears to be taking the neutral stance that most NFL players are taking right now.

Cassel has bigger things on his plate right now like competing for the starting job in Buffalo. The Bills host the Patriots in Week 2 when Brady will potentially be serving his suspension.

Photo: USA Today Sports