Martellus Bennett sparks strong reactions with tweet about players losing jobs

Martellus Bennett

Free agent tight end Martellus Bennett took to his Twitter account to berate those who ridicule players after they get released or traded. Bennett was released by the New England Patriots following the end of the 2017 NFL season.


He has a right to his opinion. But at the same time, Bennett stirred up a hornet’s nest. While Bennett’s tweet received some positive comments, many people who chimed in ripped the tight end for quitting in the Green Bay Packers last season.


That was a season that started with Bennett saying that Aaron Rodgers was better than Tom Brady. Then once Rodgers was injured things became complicated. Many believed Bennett schemed his way out of Green Bay in order to return to the Patriots.

As it stands, Bennett is a free agent. He tossed the word retirement around last year while playing disgruntled with the Packers. It will be interesting to see if he gains any interest in free agency. Not only big in stature at 6-foot-7, Bennett is a big personality for any team to deal with.